Athkatla is the capital city of Amn.

Known as “The City of Coin”, it is rumoured all things can be bought in the city. The only question is where, and for how much.

The city was ruled by the Council of Six, but that number has recently been reduced to five. Power is shared to a certain degree with the Shadow Thieves, the thieves guild resident in the city, based on their mutual dislike of Waterdeep, and the Cowled Wizards, though the wizard’s influence has been much diminished of late.

The city is split into two by the River Weng.

Northern Districts
Temple District
Government District
River District

Southern Districts
Bridge District
Docks District
Waukeen’s Promenade
Slums District
The Graveyard
Guards District (including the City Gates)


The Shadow Thieves Colbey