Wei Fury

80s Kung Fu B-Movie Monk


Lvl 3 Monk

Hp 24 (-17)
Ki: 3 (-2)
speed 40ft whilst shirtless


Strength: 12
Dex : 16
Con : 13
Int: 12
Wis : 14
Cha: 8

Prof +2
1d4 martial art damage
1d6 Sword Damage
AC 15 – whilst shirtless
Initiative +8
Passive Perception 12

Simple weapons
Strength and Dex saves

Inner Animal (Alert): +5 initiative
Not surprised
no advantage on ambushed

Sleight of Hand

Paradise Warfare (Martial Arts), DeX to hit, special die, bonus punch on attack.
1+ will savings

Naked powers
- Le Perv, AC Buff : 10 +DEX + WIS
- Testarossa Overdrive,Unarmoured movement: + 10ft speed

Kung fu (Ki) powers
- Knock Knock: After an attack, can take 2 more unarmed strikes as a bonus for 1 ki point
- Decade Dance: Can take dodge as bonus action after attack for 1 ki. (all seen attacks are at disadvantage, have dex saving throws with advantage)
- Roller Mobster: Can disengage or dash as bonus for 1 ki, also doubles jump distance!
WotOH – when knock knock hits, can do – dex save (8 plus prof plus wis) or knocked prone OR Strength save or pushed 15 ft OR no reactions till next turn
Deflect missiles – missiles reduced by d10 + dex + monk lvl. If fully reduced can make prof monk weapon attack


Charity: Personal cut from jobs mostly donated to The Dome of the Rose where he trained at, some services free of charge?
Vengeance: Someone in the thieves guild is implicated in killing my sister, I’m going to take them down.
Flaw: Obsessed with above goal, can act irrationally where his sister’s demise is involved.
Additional Flaw: Gritty voice and cheesy one-liners
Flavour: Will only use sword in life and death situations or against those involved with his sister’s death.

Will see the dawn whenever possible.

Armour – is for wimps
Broken Bond – snapped great sword belonging to sister, mechanically a short sword
Cooking Junk
Forgery Kit
Papers of false identity


Most of his life studied as an Awakened of Lathander, his motives are unknown to most but he has eased suspicion of monk training by usefulness of his skills. He has a cheerful and cavalier nature most of the time, but has been known to snap to a dark brooding state.


Real name Wei Shen.

Had a sister, Zhu li Shen, that got in too deep with the thieves guild. Wei looked out for her best he could but was unable to convince her to give up a life of crime.

One day he found her dead in an alley, her sword broken. From that day on, he swore revenge against those involved, and he carries the broken blade as a constant reminder of his mission. With the help of the temple, he assumed a new identity and was allowed to infiltrate the thieves guild as a spy. The temple elders are using Wei as a means to report the thieves guilds movements, and if necessary, a saboteur who can foil the guilds plans. Wei meets with a handler from the temple every week, in secret to pass on information and receive orders.

Wei Fury

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