Li, Yueying

Li Yueying, master of rapiers.


Intelligence: 8
Dexterity: 15
Strength : 11
Wisdom: 14
Con: 12
Cha: 12

To hit: 4
Rapier: d8 piercing (
d6 sneak attack)

AC: 13 (+1 when dual wielding)

HD: 8
HP: 21

Chaotic Neutral

Expertise: in Stealth and Acrobatics
Sneak Attack: 1d6
Thieves Cant:
Assassinate: You have advantage on attack rolls against any creature that hasn’t taken a turn.
Cunning action: take dash, disengage or hide as a free action each round of combat.

Dual Wielder.:

+1 to AC when dual wielding weapons
draw and stow at the same rate as one weapon

Shou Language

Light Armor
Simple Weapons
hand crossbows
Thieves tools.

Saving Throws: dex and int.

Skill Proficiencies (p.174)
Acrobatics (7), Atheletics(3), Stealth(7), Intimidation (3), Perception (4) and Survival (4)

Adventuring gear (rope fire lighters, tent water bottle, etc.)
2 rapiers
leather armor,
a dagger,
thieves tools.


Yueying grew up in Thesk with the encumbant Shou population there. She made the decision to train in Shou warfare after a bully picked on her and she organised her friends to perform a tactical assault upon them. She then learned of a master living in the mountains. At 14 she walked to him and decided to prove herself.

Yaoling Mao her master was a cantankerous old man who taught her use of weapons, meditation, calligraphy and manipulation techniques. Which he also employed on his students. She discovered that he had been using them to enter her room at night. When she awoke to find him leering over her, she attacked… But his superior skills were made clear and she lost, escaping only by fleeing. She cut her hair, and quit the company of her fellow trainees and sought further training with the view to learn the assassination techniques and murder her old master.

She has a prickly and defensive attitude with most but was very loyal to her close friends and will be again if her new companions prove worthy.

Li, Yueying

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