The Shadow Thieves

Session 2: A day of difficulties

Hmm my new guild mates seem to be warming to me. By which I mean they consistently undermine my every move. Take this afternoon for example I was called abrasive difficult and rude and yet it was I who pushed us forward and made us make major discoveries about the disappearance of Orys and Tobin. First our colleagues went to learn more about the Silverwing family and learned they were based in waterdeep.

Bast in particular seems keen to tell me what to do and to educate me on the ways of society mostly by telling me to shut up. No thanks, I’ve already had a teacher and he turned out to be a foul perverted old man. I suspect the same of Bast and will avoid.

Wei and I travelled with GirlJohn to the graveyard to see if there was general undead activity. The grave diggers denied any such probems but informed us that one of their crew members had gone missing. A moon shaped scar made me suspect that he might be a werewolf. But it did not fit with the lunar calendar.

Wei and I see eye to eye, though he does not speak the language. After Bast informed us to not investigate any crypts we found a likely looking one, but no murder was to be had. I would have liked to sharpen my skills. In the end girljohn wei and I made our way to the slums to seek out Tommy the unfortunate not-werewolf. GJ managed to convince the locals to direct us to the hut. She is a quiet type, but looks like she will hold her own in battle and where the others often berate and humiliate me she keeps to herself. And this success suggests that there is more to her than first meets the eye.

We met with Tommy’s father and he informed us that tommy had been digging graves at night!

We headed back to meet the others before going back to the gravesite to check out the crypt and the area Tommy went missing. The crypt turned out to belong to the hawk family suggesting the caravan was not delivering a corpse but something rather more intriguing, we will have to investigate.

Usla seems nice enough, but is hopeless at stealth and should have left me to my investigations at the graveyard. Her exuberant attempts at stealth led to our detection and then I was over come by the worst sensation; a crawling of skin like being covered with ants or falling into nettles. Her short term memory made her instantly forget the horror we had just felt but I pulled her away.

Upon reporting to Tothis who so far has proved himself to be reliable, safe and not a person to stare at their insurbordinates in the middle of the night, he suggested that finding the caravan is paramount importance. We will investigate later.

Though the party calls me abrasive, there are good reasons for my distrust. I am still hopeful that with time they will understand my strengths and treat me with the respect my talents deserve.




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