The Shadow Thieves

Chapter 1

Absent Friends

Twas a fateful warm summer’s day when we began our quest to discover the sordid fate of our two pickpocketing compatriots. They had been missing for five long, sorry days, and as the infamous Nard didn’t hesitate to remind us, their continued absence would mean a sorry depletion of our own future coin, leading, I dare say, to various debilitating woes and terrible lacks that we were sore keen to avoid.

We strode stealthily to the bustling gate district and made our enquiries amongst the surly gate guards. Though unhelpful thugs, they responded well to our rascally charm and gave us the valuable information that they’d seen our two thieves following a black caravan towards the slum district.

We followed this lead admirably, and hastened away to the slum district. However, once there, the trail went cold as a dead seagull who’s been doused in icy sea water, and we were forced to use our quick wit and cunning to pick it up again. Me and Li scoured the area slyly signalling in thieves’ cant to attract the attention of any of our equally cunning brethren. The plan was slow to come to fruition, but we persevered admirably, and a tatty-looking chap approached.

“Stop being so obvious. One of you follow me into that alleyway and we can talk.”

Gallantly ignoroing the insult in the pursuit of the pickpockets, we went ahead with his request. Sebastian demanded to be the one to talk to the rude beggar-thief, so off he went. Myself and Wei continued to keep up our cover and continued to take in the scene and act as if we belonged. After some time had passed, Sebastian returned with Li, having got into some difficulty with the beggar-thief and negotiating a very high price for information on the cart, although coming from his auspicious background I suspect he thought it was a perfectly reasonable price. We paid up, but I should probably do the negotiating in the future unless it’s for posh nobby things like…..grapes, or velvet clocks.

The graveyard district was our next destination, as the mage had discovered that the caravan had in fact been a coffin. This time I did the negotiating. For one small silver piece I discovered the tomb we were looking for and got the mute gravedigger to direct us there.

We quickly entered the deep tomb to avoid the prying eyes of nearby mourner, but did not find ourselves as alone as we would have expected. For instead of the quiet dead, we were attacked by three brutish, decrepit skeletons! We bravely attacked them, I with my trusty cutlass, Wei with his fists, Li with her pointy twigs and Sebastian with his magic. Sebastian’s finger sparkles proved useful in the fight, and we soon overpowered them. Unfortunately the two pickpockets were not as lucky or brave, and had succumbed to the skeletons several days before.



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